Migration Solutions

It is hard to imagine how you will move your servers, desktops and applications with no interruptions to service. In fact, most avoid it until they absolutely have to do it. This is a completely understandable fear that can paralyze you into making no progress and living with a problem. But the longer you wait to take action, the more the issues will become unmanageable. 

Don’t let this happen to you, call ATSD!  We will assess your current situation,  stabilize if there issues.  We want to make sure what you have is manageable first. After which we can review with you what we did and why, helping you understand if you need to upgrade or not. We could do what other service companies do and just tell you need to migrate your servers, desktops and applications upgrade. Our experience has shown that we need to bridge the gap between restless natives and future needs.

NOTE:  Upgrading isn’t really a migration and never disruptive .

We offer :                                                                                                           Migration-Success

  • Meticulous planning from our very experienced solution architects.

  • Project Management with weekly planning meetings

  • Precise and detailed tasking, testing, piloting to find perfect comfort-ability

  • Progress Reports to your executives

  • Milestone reporting and budget tracking

  • Change management recommendations

  • Completed and timely work

Don’t be afraid of the project, allow a real professional company lead you to the promise land. Just hear what other projects have said about us!

Call us today and we will begin serving you immediately. You dont have to be our customer to get good advice, but we sure would like to ensure you keep rewarding yourself.