Service Delivery

Messaging Service Delivery Methodology

ATSD does have an edge over other companies in this sector because we offer an experience-extruded process developed over the last 20 years and approved by over 50 clients and thousands of people supported. This process and way of serving people called “(P-SLR) Proactive – Single Level Response” is a service delivery method that changes the way service is provided to clients. It is an infectious attitude attracting people to a way of living that far exceeds the traditional service delivery. This attitude creates winners and people feel better when they are winning. Over the years we have seen earnest proactive behavior provide a family life unparalleled in this industry for our workers and our clients. Deploying the previous mentioned tactics in any support engagement reduces individual workers’ time away from home by more than 25%. We give you measurable value that in a short period of time changes the culture of support in your company.

There is no need to wait for your workers to tell you how good or bad we are doing when you can know before they do. Isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?Advanced Service Delivery
With the support training we provide, ATSD has brought focus to appropriate “up” times of a system in the 99.992+% range. Because we have an infectious attitude that permeates the environment and culture to create a genuine collaborative team effort between ATSD and your teams.

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