Messaging consulting and planning is not as straightforward as some might think. It’s not a point and click thing, but a well architected messaging system has to be as easy as point and click for the people. You know your business and we need to have that knowledge. A successful plan will take into account how your company uses email communication. It is certainly a question if not asked, will bring regret later. This among many others questions, will need to used in factoring DR, Redundancy, backup, load balancing, server and mailbox sizes, ¬†application bandwidth priorities, number of messages per day, flow of email and more consideration to make the project very successful. This level of success has been gathered by extruding over 20 years of experience, lessons learned, successfully moving, migrating, upgrading large scale email systems. Taking inventory of our experience has proven the consistent procedures for planning this monumental task, have achieved seamless transition for workers. At ATSD, we have designed, supported, migrated, integrated many messaging systems to and from, foreign email systems (Groupwise, Lotus Notes to Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 ). ¬†This kind of experience can make your department shine and end users happy. Lets us know how we can email you, go to our contacts page, fill out the form. We will take it form there.